“Breaking Stereotypes: A Glimpse into Three Types of Disabilities”

What is Autism?

This is related to pervasive Developmental Disorders such as Autistic Disorder and Asperger’s Disorder.

The signs of autism include impairments in socialization, eye-to-eye gaze, facial expression, and body postures. In addition, there will be fewer social interactions and peer relationships. Children will also show a lack of bringing, showing, or pointing to objects, repetition, and interest in age-appropriate activities.

Resources for Enlightenment

These two resources help us love our children no matter what they are born like or our expectations of who they should be.

Love, You Forever is a story of a mother’s unwavering devotion to her son. Through thick and thin, she holds, sings, and whispers her love to him from childhood to adulthood. As he grows, he discovers the depth of his mother’s love and the role it plays in forming his own path. Mindful Parenting for Autistic Children also creates an integration of mindfulness practices. Uncover how these methods foster presence, patience, and understanding in your parenting journey. Consequently, one will cultivate self-compassion and create nurturing environments.

Understanding Deaf or Hard of Hearing

A child will this need can be observed to have fluctuating hearing loss. This can be done bilaterally or unilaterally. Bilateral-hearing loss affects both ears; unilateral hearing loss affects one ear. Deaf means that it is still difficult for the child to hear, even with the assistance of a hearing aid. Hard of hearing refers to a hearing that may come and go. However, both cases interfere with learning and require assistance.

Let’s Read

My Deaf Friend Can Do Anything You Can Do is an inspirational book that talks about deaf friends tackling challenges, engaging in games, and discovering new activities. They understand that differences don’t limit anyone’s capability. The book’s message shows that everyone, regardless of their abilities, has strengths to offer and can achieve great things when they work together.

Deaf and Blindness

This is a severe disability that involves both hearing and seeing. A child will have a developmental delay, which affects learning and communication. The text Tactile Strategies for Children Who Have Visual Impairment and Multiple Disabilities helps us to emphasize the importance of touch and tactile encounters. Furthermore, these essential opportunities for communication and understanding. It offers practical insights into creating tactile-rich environments, designing specific activities, and developing strategies that cater to the unique needs of each being.

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